Autumn rose bloom


Temperatures are suddenly dropping and the knockout roses remain prolific (as they usually do!).


From green to red


My hungarian wax pepper is looking rather autumnal and delicious with the transition from green to red.  Ahh the beauty!


My plants drank up every bit of rain that tropical storm Gordon dropped down on us.  The jalepeños continue to produce and the sweet hungarian wax peppers are finally bouncing back.  For a few weeks I had a nightly visitor eating all the hungarian wax peppers.  It has either moved on or took a break, so I’m finally getting to harvest them again.

Back in the garden

After being away from my garden for weeks, I have returned home!  The heat and humidity is bad enough that a lot of my plants aren’t looking particularly grand.  The jalapeño peppers and portulaca flowers soak up  the sun and continue thriving (thankfully!).