More blooms


Is it spring yet?


After a bout of very warm (almost hot!) temperatures this week, I stepped outside to see some of my flowers blooming.  Ahh I’ve missed these! For a moment I thought it was spring, until I saw the forecast on the news for freezing temperatures this weekend…

New year, new beauty


A belated happy new year to you!  Between family visiting over the holidays and then being down with a pesky winter sickness, my blog and garden were neglected for a few weeks.  Thankfully mother nature does not stop and somehow despite cold temperatures, managed to encourage these two roses to produce a new bloom for us.

Cozy gretings

We put our Christmas tree and decorations up, lit some candles, and snuggled on the sofa.  Chloe is feeling the Christmas spirit and enjoying the coziness of being fluffy and warm.

Rainy rose


Just when I think my garden has gone to sleep for the season, my roses have suddenly kicked back into action again.  This bloom in particular looked perfect in the gentle rain.