White and yellow lantana

The heat presses on and so the lantana flourishes.


Baby bird



I found this baby bird living in a bush, chirping constantly.  To my relief, the mama was nearby and continued feeding it until it had grown enough to fly on his own a few days ago.  Does anyone have experience with birds and know why this little one was out of the nest but unable to fly?


“Mammoth” jalapeño

IMG_0188 (1)

This was my first year growing the “mammoth jalapeño” variety.   Not only does it look lovely in the garden, but has a beautiful taste in addition to a punch of heat.  I thought the whole “mammoth” claim might be a bit gimmicky but these really do make a nice edition to the garden and could easily be grown alongside regular jalapeños.

Finding petunias


I was traveling over the weekend and spotted these beautiful petunias.  I have some in my own garden, but these just looked particularly vibrant and healthy!



Based on a recommendation of a friend, I decided to grow purslane for the first time.  Why have I not grown this before?!  It’s beautiful and low maintenance.  Looking forward to seeing these bloom all summer.

Peppers are here!

I feel like I have been waiting ages for this… finally I have some visible activity with my veggie plants! My cayenne and poblano peppers are the first to make their debut this season.  I look forward to seeing the rest of the plants catch up soon!